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Hi, I'm Belah. Along with hundreds of thousands around the world, you will go deep into the real issues, how-tos and joys of sexual intimacy. It's playful, peaceful, purposeful, and really intimately exciting! Discover insights around godly intimacy on how men tick and how women feel! And you'll be amazed to hear the inspiring stories and advice from the expert guests as well! It's scriptural and practical. If you're a man, you'll be drawn because you want to understand your wife, how to invite her in intimacy and even your own God-given sexual desires. If you're a woman you'll understand how to enjoy and love your man through sex. Free gifts for you! If you're a woman wanting to increase your drive, get FREE resources at If you're looking to be respected, enjoy fierce intimacy and loving being married again, have a FREE call with Belah ($500 value)
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Feb 26, 2021

Today’s interview is with Jeremiah, a graduate of my Masculinity Reclaimed program.

They had a pretty good marriage. And originally their sex life was pretty good, but life happened…


Like many of my listeners, once kids came into the picture things began to deteriorate in that department. 


She no longer felt emotionally connected and he no longer felt fulfilled intimately. 


Jeremiah realized he was only getting out of his marriage what he was putting into it; it was not actually all her fault.  


So, he set out on a journey of self exploration, enrolled in Masculinity Reclaimed, learned how to emotionally connect with his wife, and slowly but surely progress began to follow. 


At one point he basically says -- honestly, I thought the men you interviewed of their success through your program were paid actors… until it happened to our sex life!


But most importantly he shares in this episode the specific shifts he made in himself that transformed their intimacy.


Join me as we dive into how Jeremiah went from somewhat stale and obligatory intimacy to deep, emotionally fulfilling lovemaking (where she initiated even 2x in one day!)


Be inspired--be encouraged--get motivated!







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Feb 15, 2021

Frequently, men are craving intimacy more than their wives. If you're in that category, then this podcast will help you. 

I have some very important lifestyle and in-the-moment advice for you when you are in the mood but she is not. 
These are productive things you can do. And if you know me at all, I'm rooting for generous and fiery passion in your marriage, but... how do you get there?
Some of my advice may seem like it's not moving you in that direction. However, you may be surprised that when you become more the man God wants you to become--in the context of your marriage--your wife naturally is drawn to that. Intimately. 
Lots of goodness in this podcast and I think it will help a lot of men get a vision of how to shift things long-term and even in the moment when they are desiring her.
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Jan 28, 2021

Would love to have you for the Seductive Confidence training being released right now... 


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Jan 20, 2021
Sex motivates us to be the men and women He wants us to be. 
Men have to discipline themselves to be more like Jesus for her to want to have sex with him. For a woman to desire sex, she has to be at peace, confident, and aligned with God's priorities in who/what gets her time. 
So, this podcast is directed towards women because often women are the organizers and they are the ones who tend to struggle to have passion. But what if there was a way to actually organize your life so that passion is a consistent desire and fulfilling activity? 
That's what I want to talk to you about.
As Jesus followers, we are invited to do things that aren't the societal norms. 
I think that passion for women is fairly "natural" for the first 2-3 years of a relationship/marriage. And after that it requires intentionality. 
She just stops feeling it... nothing against that specific husband necessarily, she switches to life, busyness, mom - mode. And the attracting-that-guy-mode which heightened libido fades.
BUT! As a wife you can organize your life, your thoughts, and your pursuits in a way that causes you to desire sex, but it requires intentionality for women. 
I vowed that on our wedding day, and it will never be negotiable. That's called exercising faithfulness to my marriage vows. Is it a "duty"? That's a gross way of thinking about loving a person---not to mention the most important person of your life. 
Is a husband accepting, encouraging, and listening to his wife's heart a duty? It would be gross if that's how he thought of it. But, both are expectations of faithfulness as a married person. 
Both are opportunities for them to bless each other and fulfill God's will at the same time. 
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Jan 14, 2021

Darcy is a busy business owner, mother, and grandmother--married 28 years. 

She loves God and has had a better than average marriage all that time.

A friend of hers invited her to listen to the podcast--saying it had brought them to tears. 

And when she listened, she too was brought to tears with a very different understanding of intimacy than she had ever realized. 

God did an utter miracle in her heart and her marriage.

For days she had a voracious appetite for intimacy with her husband. She says it gave her insight into how a man feels all the time. And she feels a oneness with him she's never felt previously.

Her husband changed! His low-grade depression disappeared! He is becoming a better father and man of faith. He is thriving before her eyes.

Their daughter even asked: "Mom, what happened to dad??"

If you're a wife, I encourage you to listen with an open heart.

God may want to speak to you through Darcy's story of love for Jesus. Which fueled a change of heart towards her husband. 

I encourage you, if you know someone who may need to hear this story, send this to them. That's how Darcy's life changed. Someone had the courage to share it with her!

God bless you, 


PS - I have MANY free resources! I would love to invite you to check them out:

Jan 5, 2021

I love new years because everything feels fresh and energized. Even though practically speaking it's the same as every other day, you just have to start training yourself to use a new number at the end of your dates.

But I am all about using whatever energy there is to increase my chances of growth and change--in God's will. 

So, that's what today's podcast is about. Becoming stronger in your vision. It's about realizing that you're going to stand before Jesus and He'll be curious what you did with your days, which lead to weeks, which lead to years and then decades.

We must be cautious about how we spend our time, and spend it in priority to God's will. 

I will show you the specific document I have used since 2013 and review at least quarterly to align my life with how I perceive God wants me to live. 

I will also discuss the process I use to discern God's will for my life every quarter. Because I think we need to be considering God's will consistently in our lives and move towards it more and more every day. 

I think you'll love the conversation and I look forward to hearing from you!



PS, if you'd like the free resource I mentioned to help you understand how to love your spouse the way they are craving, go to

Dec 30, 2020

There are too many marriages flirting with divorce. You may be one, if not you probably know several.

Maybe you're at a spot where you don't want to be there. want to run away.'re exhausted. 
...your spirit is broken. 

Maybe you've only ever thought it or maybe you've admitted it to others. 

I want to invite you to take the power you have to see that there may be a real strategy to get this thing turned around.

The podcast I released is a roadmap on how to get to a place this thing turned aroundce where you maybe, could possibly want to stay married. 

It's not easy when you have been beaten down, neglected, rejected, controlled...

What can you do? 

I want to give you 5 Steps that if followed in order, can quite possibly save your marriage and actually make you want to stay in it!

I don't have to convince you that your life (your kids' lives...) would be better if your marriage became healthy and loving again. 

I hope you'll take the encouragement to focus on this and make these important changes.



If you want to find out about my live coaching & accountability programs...

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For husbands: Masculinity Reclaimed (accepting enrollment in mid-March) you can email me at

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Dec 16, 2020
When we have a warm, loving culture in a family, passionate intimacy is the result. Or is it the cause?


If you're listening to this in the present, our world is in many challenges and the holidays may look different than they ever have for your family.

How can we see this as a gift?

If you're a husband... 
​-you have an opportunity to shift the culture of your marriage to one that attracts your wife towards frequency, engagement, and freedom in intimacy. 

If you're a wife... 
​-you have an opportunity to shift your intimate interactions to one which attracts your husband to be a man of the fruits of the spirit, romantic, and the spiritual leader.

Either party can make important changes. 

​​But changes are hard and risky. Risking looking silly. Risking being laughed at or judged because this is outside of your "norm".

​​Luckily in the midst of the challenge, there is a huge opportunity to redefine your "norm". Redefine the culture of your marriage. 

​​Making a culture that actually brings you two together rather than tears you two apart. 

That's my invitation today: look at this challenge as a gift. 

During a challenge, everything can change. ​​

You can use this as a jumping-off point for your entire marital culture to change: warmth, laughter, playfulness, and safety as well as passion, freedom, and frequency in intimacy. 

This challenge is truly a​​n opportunity for dramatic changes in your marriage.

Love and blessings, 

PS - Husbands, I have advice for you if you'd like to get your wife involved in my material:
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Dec 9, 2020

My conversation today is with a wife who had a persistent husband. 


After he worked on himself (!) he highly encouraged her to work with me in a program. At first, she wasn't happy about it and she felt pushed into it.

But through the process of understanding who her husband is... different than who she is, she discovered that God may be asking of her something that she didn't expect. 

For wives: if you feel "pushed," (assuming there's not abuse and your husband is a good man) Diana's encouragement is to come at it with an open mind. "What do you have to lose? ...Your marriage" 

I believe this conversation is one you won't want to miss!


For wives... Right now I have FREE training series for wives: Seductive Confidence, you can get it at

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Dec 2, 2020

This is part 2 with my husband where we're talking about what seduction means to men. 


I encourage you to "catch" my husband's heart. That's what's so attractive. That spirit is what encourages me to be generous in the ways my husband desires. 

If you want more insight, on how to introduce your wife to my material, I have a special FREE Advice for Men To Invite Their Wives training. 



If you're a wife and want to get access to a FREE training called Seductive Confidence Masterclass. I am excited to encourage more women to grow in their God-given right to be free, playful, and loving through intimacy!




Nov 24, 2020

Hi there, 


Today is extra special because I have on the most amazing man I've ever met. Ehemm... my husband. :)

If you want to know why I am the way I am (well, regarding the generous things in intimacy), it's because this gentleman loved me really, really well and continues to every day.


It's not necessarily intuitive, but it is God's way.


This conversation will be instructive for wives -- who feel insecure and challenged by seduction -- and husbands -- who want to be pursued with playful and fierceness.


For men - You'll find out that gentleness and compassion are the keys to her heart as well as specifically what to say to her that makes her want to make you happy intimately. 

For women - You'll hear from a really good man, what seduction means to him and why it's important. 


If you'd like to get a free download of some of my favorite seduction tips, you can go to and you'll be signed up for the Free Training on Seductive Confidence coming soon!



Nov 17, 2020
As a wife, this is something I really struggled with.
Why would he want me to do such embarrassing things? Does it remind him of sin? I don't want to be associated with his past.
Also, it's not my personality. 
And in general, I'm not comfortable. 
I had SO many more hang-ups around this. 
But, one thing kept knawing at me. Why is this all over our society?
Specifically seduction. Yes, the act is in certain movies and x-rated things that I don't watch. But seduction is almost unavoidable (even in PG-13 movies). Whether it's a glance, a teasing, and revealing's everywhere and unavoidable.
It's in every culture all around the world. 
Yesterday, I received an email that Delight Your Marriage is ranked as the #1 Podcast in the categories of Sexuality as well as the category of Health & Wellness in several African countries which (is really cool!) means that culture doesn't make a difference.
These philosophies go across cultures and all over the globe.
Why does seduction matter?
This podcast is directed at wives, but if you are a husband I think you'll get a glimpse of what's holding her back. 
Get the Seduction Tips here and a free training on this!
Nov 10, 2020
If you're new to Delight Your Marriage, this is the first episode you should listen to.
Many people come to my resources with a question on how to make their marriage better but they really don't know where to start. 
This is a rundown on the most important philosophical underpinnings of Delight Your Marriage.
This gives the best introduction to the foundational principles that I use with people from all over the world--by God's grace--to transform their marriages and families.
Just a few things included: 
  • What a husband needs and what a wife needs to feel fulfilled in a marriage
  • Why intimacy is so important to a husband and that's reflected in the brain's physiology 
  • Why, I believe, God made men & women's drives so different
  • The underlying reasons emotional and physical intimacy isn't strong in a marriage
  • When people are struggling in their marriage they often get advice which makes it all worse. What's the missing piece? Strategy.
Listen in and go to to find out about all the courses I offer to totally transform your marriage!
There are courses for husbands or wives to receive the love you're craving in your marriage.
Nov 3, 2020
So, today's a pretty important day. And you may listen to this in the future which will be relevant. 
More than ever, our land is divided and we have strong convictions on right and wrong. In Jesus' day political issues based on power, oppression, greed, and con... plagued everyone he interacted with. They were impacted at a personal level.
Jesus' sights were different than those experiencing political suffering. He taught us how to love from our hearts. He brought enemies together to pursue God's kingdom over an earthly kingdom. 
I don't know what is going to happen in this election. I know I voted according to my convictions.
More importantly, I know that if the other side wins, God is still my King. He is bigger than me. His timeline is far bigger than the number of years I am on this earth. 
So, if the next 4 years needs to look different than I hoped, I will not take that out on God.
Because He knows better than I do. Instead, I will pray for those who I might consider enemies right now. I will also live in thanksgiving. It is a command far too often in the Bible for me to ignore.
I encourage you to not let your heart be troubled.
I encourage you to look like Jesus in this time.
Remember when Peter cut off the ear of the soldier coming to take Jesus to kill him (some might say "self-defense")---Jesus rebuked Peter and healed the soldier. 
I don't know what God is up to necessarily, but I trust Him. And I will be faithful to His teachings even now. 
If suffering is going on in your marriage, this exact message applies to you. Having hope, faith, and love--even now. It's a choice. A hard one. But the right one. 
Oct 27, 2020

Hi there!

I hope things are going well for you. I have an inspirational story to share with you today. It's a story of challenge and ultimately hope and healing. 
Alexis and Justin ( grew up in homes that had significant abuses, including sexual and drug abuse. By societal expectations, they wouldn't have gotten through that pain.
But God intervened. Both went through the foster care system and by God's grace, amazing things have changed for them. AND they're now founders of organizations that help others who have gone through similar challenges.
They've written a book about their story and today, we focus on how Justin helped his wife heal from her trauma by his reliance on the Lord.
My encouragement is to listen in and be encouraged and inspired to continue your journey. And I think it will encourage you that people like Justin and Alexis are doing amazing things for people---Jesus' hands in the earth.  
Check out all the links we reference here!
PS I have some resources for women coming (I know I focused on the men for a while) so I encourage you to get the 6 Tips for Seduction here:
Oct 20, 2020

I'd like to give you a view of communication that isn't repressing feelings but also isn't open with all of them, at least not all at once. And when you are open slowly, you are in a way that encourages the good rather than discouraging everything.

I think in our fast-paced society nowadays, we feel this inappropriate pressure to share all the feelings we have about a topic (sex is a big one!) with our spouse because we need to get that checked off of our mental burden list. Or we need to finally unload or get it off our chest.

So we pile on all these painful complaints, criticisms, and unacknowledged feelings all at once.

And it causes huge divisions between partners and can take years to heal, if at all.

My encouragement in today's podcast is to think of your relationship not as a 30-minute conversation but as a 90-year conversation. There is no need to address everything right now.

There is a need to be respectful, kind, gentle, grateful, and loving in all your communication with your spouse. When that is your "normal," then there is an opportunity to strategically place encouragements towards a general movement in a direction that is important to you.

"But that could take months, even years." Luckily, you have that. And you are strong enough to shift things slowly but surely in the right direction. The shocking thing is if you are disciplined and you are careful, it may take way less time than you think.

One important piece is you can make yourself happy during that time and happier as you wisely encourage and compliment in the direction you desire. (More on that in the podcast).

This is giving the truth in love. We don't need to rhetorically cut each other because we're lazy or we're "good at fighting." We can be gentle, humble, meek, self-disciplined, and patient with the truth--even in response to our partner's accusations.

This way is harder and requires Jesus' strength and character, but it will actually move you farther faster. The other can set you back for years to come and may undermine the very thing you're trying to improve.

I hope you'll listen to this podcast with an ear for what Jesus wants for your marriage and interactions in it.




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Oct 13, 2020
Hi there, 
This podcast is for men (or the women who want to peer inside of hearts of men) it's all about the specific Stages to Sexual Freedom that a husband can employ to transform his marriage---even if he's the only one doing the work.
If you're an action-taker once you know the process you're going to start and fix this once and for all, this is the podcast for you.
I believe that those who listen will feel empowered to do what God wants them to do in their marriage to truly transform it. 
In the second half of the episode I'll be sharing more about the Masculinity Reclaimed: Be respected, enjoy fierce intimacy, and love being married again program.
We'll even hear from Vikas who went from a sex-starved frustrated marriage with a young child to a place where she often initiates 3+ times per week and she doesn't' even know he did the program. 
To learn more about the program he went through, go to 
Enrollment is open now but won't be open for long. Find out all the details here:
Oct 6, 2020
This interview is with a man who had suffered in intimacy in his marriage for 14 years. 
She had intense anxiety (I've been there!) and it made intimacy very difficult for both of them. Sex would happen maybe 1x a month, but it was never something they could talk about. And masturbation was something he turned to alleviate the loneliness. 

Now they make love 3x per week--and she initiates 90% of the time! That is a manifestation of both of their courage and healing for both of them.

What happened?

Well, it all started with Steve the rooster. This is a good story. So...

Step #1 - Buy a rooster
Step #2 - Invite your mom over
Step #3 - Just kidding... :P 

But, there are fantastic keys in his story and the process they went through to get to the other side.
One important note I share at the end:

If you are a husband and you want your marriage transformed like Captain's be sure you... 

...don't accidentally undermine your wife's confidence.

That is exactly the topic I'll be speaking to on this weekend's Men's Masterclass. 

If you're not already, sign up for LIVE, FREE Men's Masterclass on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!


PS Don't forget to sign up for the LIVE, FREE Men's Masterclass, sign up here with me THIS weekend!
Sep 29, 2020
Hi there,
Not sure if it was for you... but for me it was a whirlwind of a weekend. I put on a church conference on Saturday (in Spanish--eek!) which was scary, but God came through in an awesome way, which was so cool!
Also, on Friday I had the chance to interview 3 different graduates from my Masculinity Reclaimed program. Today's podcast is of Charles. 

His story is hard to believe---but one that will surely give you hope. 
To be transparent, I have 2 ulterior motives for sharing his story:
1- To invite you to my Free & Live Men's Masterclass coming up really soon, sign up here:

My prayer is that men's lives are utterly and forever changed just by attending the Free Men's Masterclass Live.
And possibly, deciding after that training to enroll in the Masculinity Reclaimed program, which is what Charles went through. 

But my plan on the Free Men's Masterclass is not going to  be a "hide-the-ball" presentation, but to genuinely help your marriage turn around! 

2- To listen to the man who came into marriage and throughout his marriage with sadly, huge measures of infidelity. And yet, God did an incredible work of grace and healing in their marriage---reflected in their intimacy. 

And now, he can scarcely believe what his wife is doing for him in intimacy. (Bucket-list, before-he-dies-type-stuff!) 

Wild, right? I think you won't believe it unless you hear it, here. Plus he drops some serious golden nuggets you can apply immediately to your marriage, that you won't want to miss. God is good!

He gives great advice, and if you listen, he'll share some important keys that turned everything around.​​ 
PS Don't forget to sign up for the training now, so you don't forget!
You'll want to put that on your calendar and clear your weekend to make sure you can attend live! 
Sep 17, 2020
Hi there, 
If you're going through hard times, this is particularly applicable because we need a lot of love right now. The right kind of compassion and care from our spouse and those around us. 

The best way to encourage your spouse is to attract them. I find it clear in the Bible that people have to be attracted towards Jesus by us living like him. Jesus did miracles and was compassionate to people before he ever rebuked them. 

Jesus dealt with people differently based on where they were spiritually. When someone was demon possessed he healed them and didn't rebuke them for dabbling in  whatever caused the possession. However, when the rich young ruler who practiced righteousness--and clearly was at a different place spiritually--came and asked about eternal life, Jesus let him know he needed to give all he had to the poor. 
Jesus calls us higher, based on where we are right now. And it's unique to each individual. If he spoke to the demon-possessed man like he did the rich young ruler, the demon-possessed man wouldn't have been attracted to him. Instead, he loved that man the way he needed to be loved in that moment. And the man then followed Jesus and became an incredible evangelist of the gospel. 
My invitation is to attract your spouse not to force or push them the way you think will help them get to Jesus. 
When Jesus said the golden rule "so whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them." I think he means love them in what they need right now. In who they are. In the way they receive love. 
It was my birthday and I shared with my closest friends that I wouldn't appreciate gifts, but I would love letters and donations to World Vision. If a friend likes to get gifts on their birthday and decided to give me a gift, I wouldn't feel loved. I would feel like they didn't really care about me. 
So, I encourage you to love your spouse the way THEY receive love. What do they like? 
It's different for men and women. I share what specific differences between men and women in particular. Treat your partner the way they want to be loved. Because you would want them to do that for you, right?
Love and blessings,
PS I'd love to invite you to join me at a Men's Masterclass at October 9 - 11, 2020
Sep 8, 2020

Hi there!

Hoping your day is going well? There's a lot of difficulty you may be facing right now, and one of the best gifts I can give you is rest. Well, not me but God.

It seems strange to think rest could help you cope with the intense struggle you're dealing with, but you may be quite surprised.

I'd like to share a podcast episode that is dear to my heart and my growth.

Why does rest matter to your life? Well, Jesus by no means hurried through life. He practiced Sabbath. He enjoyed His day to day life. Even children wanted to be around Him.  

If we're stressed we don't spend the time to connect with our partner in a meaningful way, in or out of the bedroom. For women, usually stress kills her libido but can increase her need for emotional connection. For men, it often makes them crave the release sex brings but he has low capacity to be present to her emotions.

How can any of us not stress? There are bills to be paid, kids to raise, food to prepare, chores to accomplish every single day. 

Rest doesn't fit into our lives. 

But I would posit, as followers of Jesus, we can't NOT rest and be aligned with His will. We need rest to ensure we're on track. It's easy to be on the rat race for years and have no perspective to see what does God actually care about in your life. 

If you don't have pause to calm your heart and mind, you can't discern what that is. It's not work, it's rest.

I am looking forward to sharing this with you. Good news: when you're rested, your intimacy in all ways increases.

Love and Blessings,

PS I am inviting you to save the date for the free LIVE Men's Training Oct 9 - 11!

You can sign up here:


Sep 1, 2020

In this episode, I have a former student who is in his 70s and has been married over 45 years. 

Not only has he and his wife used some of these interventions themselves, he is also very well-versed in the research behind it. 

He nor I am a doctor and this is not meant to be taken as medical advice, but it is worth asking your doctor about these possible solutions.

He also talks about the important health choices their family has made to keep them healthy sexually and vibrant even in their latter years.

For links to the many resources mentioned, go to the show notes page.


To understand the Framework that I taught he and his wife when they worked with me, go to 

Aug 28, 2020
I'm excited to bring you an interview with a former student, Ben.
His upbringing was tense and he tried to stay away from home. His parents' relationship left a lot to be desired. His wife didn't have a man in the home to understand what marriage could look like.
Outwardly their marriage was very successful--but Ben knew that if he wanted his marriage to be passionate he was going to have to change. Which is what he did when he worked with me in my men's coaching program. 
He made drastic changes to himself and it impacted his wife's response to him. 
Both in their 70's is it really possible for them to have passionate intimacy -- physically speaking?
As a doctor of orthodontics, he knows the rigor of academic research. He has done quite a lot in this area and not only has implemented medical interventions but also natural lifestyle remedies that help both he and his postmenopausal wife.   
This is part 1 of our interview where he shares his suggestions for passion even after 45 years of marriage!
Aug 18, 2020

With so much going on in the world, I think people are making big changes in their lives.

Given that people are becoming more aware of their own mortality, I think its making them decide to take action.

My encouragement in today's podcast: 256-How to Not Fail at Marriage, comes from a failure at marriage --ehemm --me!

When my first marriage failed I blamed him. When my second marriage was on the rocks, I realized I was the common denominator.

When I transformed myself, I witnessed this man change before my very eyes.

Now, that I work with many men and women from around the world, I wish I understood these truths and the essential Framework a wife and husband needs to not fail at marriage. And in fact thrive.

This episode is for you if your marriage isn't what you think it could be. I'd encourage you, if you know someone in that spot, this may be the perfect opportunity to send them insights that very well may transform their marriage.

None of us know when it's our time and God calls us home.

But right now, God has given us our spouse as the most important human relationship and I hope you honor it as such.

On today's show I cover:
-The 3 things men need to feel fulfilled in marriage
-The 3 things women need to feel fulfilled in marriage
-This Framework is what men and women need to understand to love each other the way the other receives love (hint: it's different for each spouse)
-What I wish I had known about sexual intimacy in my first marriage
-Why we are more respectful to strangers than our own life partner

If you are new to the Delight Your Marriage philosophies, this is a really good introduction. If you've been around for a while "repetition is the mother of learning" so I encourage you to take these insights too!

Find a deeper understanding of the Framework here!

Love & blessings,

PS - I'd love to invite you to send this to a friend if they're facing marriage challenges right now, this could save their marriage.


Aug 10, 2020
Most people don't use that word anymore. 

But I think "coveting" is still very relevant to our world today.

And is still an egregious sin we need to take seriously for our benefit and God's Kingdom.

When I look at the Ten Commandments, I used to think they weren't all that related to one another... and they didn't have much to do with marriage or sex. 

1- But looking at them again, there's a thread that runs through them very beautifully: contentment with God's will for you. 

2- Sex is even directly indicated.

But the one about "do not covet your neighbor's wife," if taken seriously, guards against the "do not commit adultery" commandment.

Coveting is actually a very important sin for men AND women. We each need to take it very seriously.

It causes your sex life to dwindle if either partner is doing it. 

Though men and women covet differently around sex, if given to that temptation, it has a huge impact on the bedroom. 

God cares about our hearts. He cares about how we think and how we judge. And when we covet, we are taking our eyes off of what God wants us to focus on and consuming our attention with things that just don't matter as much and maybe they are even egregious sins.
Coveting is actually a very important sin for men AND women. We each need to take it very seriously.
Also, I talk about the sins of sex addiction and greed in this episode because I think they're very related as well.

Coveting and adultery are equal sins. But the former leads to the latter. 

Adultery is an outward sin while coveting is a sin of the heart and it happens first. 

Coveting is where we should be vigilant so the outward sin can't even come close. 
When women covet the "neighbor's wife", it's still sin.
Maybe we're jealous of another woman's flat stomach or some other standard of beauty we think is better than our own. 

It causes us to hide, feel insecure and go away from intimacy with our spouse. Leaving our marriage more exposed to potential destruction.
(Also, ladies, I still have to fight against this! That's our fight to win--the fight in our hearts and minds.)

I have actionable recommendations to help you avoid this temptation for your benefit and to serve God and His people better. I hope you'll listen in.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Love and blessings, 


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