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Husbands and wives were designed to be different. You want different things in marriage and intimacy on every level (emotional, spiritual, and physical). Whether you're a wife or a husband, whether you're suffering or pretty good... and you're looking for Bible-based insights and scriptural practical guidance on how to transform your marriage, you've found the right podcast! We have "transformation stories" that will inspire hope that putting into practice these principles, by God's grace, can truly change your intimacy completely. If you're looking to see how to transform your marriage sign up for a free Clarity Call, we can hear your story and work with you to determine if we are confident we can help you:
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Mar 16, 2023

There are so many people I wish I could help when I meet them at the playground, park, at a party... so here it is. 


Marriage can be tough. VERY tough.

And there is a dearth of helpful insight nowadays. 

My content is focused towards people who follow the teachings of Jesus.

But I really want to give you help because, from one perspective, we may not even be able to ask the hard philosophical questions about "is there a God?" or "what is Truth?" if we're bogged down with so much emotional pain in our marriage.


So, I tried my best in this episode to give you a roadmap at a very high level of how to rescue your relationship.

Whether you follow the teachings of Jesus or not. (Yes, all my training is based on that, but I want to HELP you... so I invite you to listen in because I am very practical.)


Maybe you want to stay married because of the kids (good for you!) or you really can't afford a divorce, or you want to keep the commitment you made however many years ago, or you have the slightest bit of hope that you could get back to what you had at first or... fill in the blank.


So, how do you do that when your partner has hurt you in so many ways?


  1. Well, in this episode, I talk about what husbands need to feel filled up in marriage, and what wives need to feel filled up in marriage. 
  2. And when you or your spouse is missing this, it is painful and "hurt people, hurt people". So your spouse reacts by hurting you too.
  3. I also talk about the very first step you must take, otherwise, your marriage won't be able to grow. 
  4. I also uproot a cliche and very harmful marital habit. EXTREMELY harmful, if you want to stay married.

And most of all I want you to have hope that it can change and that it's worth you putting in the work (yet again) to see to it that your kids have a solid and safe family to grow up in.

Love & Blessings,


PS - To help you determine the current health of your marriage, take this free assessment at

PPS - If you want help in your marriage, click here to schedule a free Clarity Call at


A recent graduate of a Delight Your Marriage program said:


"No hope of anything beyond glorified roommates. We were lacking in communication, vulnerability, trust, emotional connectedness and of course physical intimacy."

[We had a sexless marriage].


That she has initiated love-making multiple occasions. We made love 3 days in a row on our anniversary trip and twice in a row on a recent work trip.

I feel like I have a system or structure—a way forward—to a better marriage. Whereas before I felt lost, hopeless and stuck. 

I have loved the program! ... I cannot believe its been 13 weeks!!! WHAT?!"


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Mar 10, 2023

Their marital intimacy never seemed to be right.

Early on, they struggled with infertility and then a heartbreaking miscarriage.

God did give them a baby (praise God!), and then that was another layer of challenge.

But she couldn't seem to get intimacy "right."

And she knew he wasn't satisfied.

And that was a big dig to her confidence. Consistently.

Which impacted their relationship.

She decided to take the brave step and schedule the Clarity Call (with wonderful Dana).

But even just on that call, she felt so heard and cared for. And had a twinkle of hope.



She sees sex as pure and good. She already knew that. But somehow, through this work, it went from head to heart.

She felt so encouraged by the community. And finally had a judgment-free zone to deeply share.

Now she has gotten a great sense of freedom that she didn't have previously, and even encourages adventure in intimacy -- why not!?

May Rose's story encourage you. There is hope for you, too.


Our team is praying for you and we hope this episode leaves you with encouragement and hope that it can happen for you, too. <3





Here's where you can sign up for a free, non-scary Clarity Call with super kind and friendly Dana at

From another program graduate:

BEFORE the program: "I wanted to leave the marriage or die."

AFTER the program: "We are making each other the happiest we have ever been."

Mar 3, 2023

If you're a wife...this podcast is dynamite!

Wow, I just gotta say...thank You, Lord, for giving our dear Belah such wise insight and for her willingness, humility, and surrender to keep sharing the powerful things that You give her to share with all of us!

After listening to this podcast, I feel like I just got a feast at a banquet table! 

This is a message that empowers our God-given role as wives, breaks it down in simple, yet incredibly insightful and inspiring ways, AND enlarges the vision for the Kingdom of God and how our role as wives plays such a vital role in it all.

I truly hope and pray that this podcast speaks to and encourages your heart as it did mine. This will be one of my favorites that gets repeated many times over!

Thank you, Belah!

Thank You, Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit for Your work in Your people and the incredible love You have for all of us that You show us the way to abundant life...and it is all though an intimate walk with you...a TRUSTING RELATIONSHIP with The King of Kings and Lord of Lords! What an amazing gift!   



PS The resource Belah mentioned is available at

PPS If you'd like to schedule a free Clarity Call, we invite you to do so at


A Delighted Wife client quote: 

"I'm so happy that I fought for this marriage. We are much better together than apart. We are an amazing team!" 

When asked if she would recommend the program:

“Yes! It works! It has transformed my crummy life to an amazing happy fulfilled life.”

Feb 24, 2023

My goal today is to inspire a curious heart. 

Could God have really designed men and women differently?

Could your differences truly be HIS design?

Could it be that "in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female he created them.” Gen 1:27


Could your husband's member be God-designed?


Could it be that sex is God-designed?

Could there be a reason God's boundaries around this gift are all over the Bible? 

Could loving your husband well (loving your husband the way he receives love) bring God glory?


Love & Blessings,



PS -- This is a free Marital Health Assessment to find out how healthy your marriage is in emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy:

PPS -- A recent grad wrote:

"Not feeling loved by each other. Disconnected hearts (emotionally, spiritually, and physically). Going to bed feeling hurt almost every night. Fighting a lot, even in front of the kids."

"Forgiven her. Relearned to appreciate all that she is (and make sure she knows). Learned how to protect her heart (make her feel safe). Re-committed to getting to know and cherishing her.

In general, feeling close with her on all levels again, which is the outcome I seeking and expected.

Though the changes in the bedroom, which were not really my purpose in this, have been beyond my imagination."

If you'd like to work in a program (for husbands or wives), your next step is a free Clarity Call.
Feb 24, 2023

So, I think God gives us opportunities to change all the time.

Change the way we think, the way we are, the way we understand the world. 


And it makes me sad when so many of us choose to assume this is as good as it gets and we're not going to be able to do anything to make it better.

Nothing in the world has ever improved with that kind of thinking.



To me, that's a very negative mindset called "wallowing."


I think it's childish, in fact. (I say that with conviction because I've been there far too often myself!)

I think God wants us to take our power back and stand on our own feet and decide to improve what we are discontent about.


Yes, there are sad and bad things going on in the world.

And as followers of Jesus, we DO something about it.

We link arms with a mission or organization doing the work that needs to be done (like the Good Samaritan picking up the beaten man and paying for him to get better at the inn---he didn't start his own inn---he paid someone else to do the work that needed to be done).


So, in your marriage, you need to do one or the other:


1 - Use discontentment to motivate you to change your marriage

We can help. (We are the "INN!" You don't have to make it up -- we know how to fix it by God's grace.) 

Join a program and use your discontentment to change the whole thing!




2 - Choose to no longer be discontent, and instead, be grateful for what you have and live in God's purposes in other areas of your life.

You may be quite surprised that things get better as you choose a life of contentment and purpose in God's will. 


Ultimately, take responsibility for your heart and what you choose to meditate on.


Don't be a “Discontent Debbie" or a "Wallowing Walter!”

It's not cute.

And I think it has eternal consequences...


Be a wise gardener of your mind and heart, so that you can have a life and joy that brings honor to Jesus. 




PS - Would you like to improve your marriage? 

Are you willing to let the Lord grow in you more of His love, grace, and power in your most important human relationship? 

Would you like our help? 

If so, schedule a free Clarity call at


To fan the flame of hope, a quote from one of our program graduates:

“DYM [Delight Your Marriage] has been a great blessing to our marriage!  

After several years of feeling “stuck” in patterns in our marriage that left both of us feeling alone, hurt, unheard, and without much hope of any real and lasting change, I have found the material, ministry culture, and most importantly, the faith at work through the team of DYM to be exactly what I needed to take real steps of faith in practical ways that mattered to my wife and our marriage.”

Feb 10, 2023

Hi, dear sisters.


My husband felt inspired to share some thoughts with you. 


Actually, I was trying to communicate something to wives that I just kept re-recording and re-recording and I just couldn't get it right. 


So I brought in the big guns. Yes... my husband is here to communicate what I couldn't. 


I invite you to see how to CATCH what may be most important for you to hear. 


May God work in your heart as you listen so that you will remember what He wants you to hear through this.





PS - If you are ready to find out how healthy your marriage is, I invite you to find out through this free resource: Marital Health Assessment:


PPS - If you're ready to transform your marriage, join a free Clarity Call (it's such a blessing) at


Recent Delight Your Marriage program graduate's testimonial:

"After listening to the podcasts for a couple of years, I had hope that this might be a source of real change.

But now that I have participated in MR [Masculinity Reclaimed], I can say that my hopes at the beginning have been greatly exceeded...

In my experience, DYM [Delight Your Marriage] is one of the most Christ-honoring and Spirit-empowered ministries that I have benefited from after following Jesus for 26 years.

DYM would be the first ministry I would recommend to transform a marriage in a real and lasting way." 


Jan 31, 2023

Roy was married 25 years with 5 kids. And they had a good marriage.

They love the Lord and seek to serve Him with all.

Intimacy was tough though.

And every time he brought it up, she would get defensive, or feel like she wasn't good enough, or like he'll never be satisfied.

Anyone else feel that way? 

He had heard about Masculinity Reclaimed for a couple of years and finally decided it was time. 

He kept hitting a wall. 


And if you're in that place, I want you to know...

It's legitimate that issues around intimacy hurt.

They hurt deeply. 


But Roy got to a place where trying to change her wasn't working. 


And so, he decided it was time to look at himself. 


He knew going into the program if he let his wife know, in the beginning, she would put many, many more walls up... 

So, he decided to go forward without her knowing. Because, as he said, this was a coaching program FOR HIM.

He had to talk to someone. 

It was either therapy or a coaching program.

(And he said she doesn't really like therapy either).


Anyway... that's where things started. 

But, in 12 weeks, God did something amazing. 


If you're a man looking/grasping for hope and/or you want the tools for changing your marriage, I invite you to listen.

If you're a woman who will listen with a curious heart to find out how men really feel about intimacy, I invite you to listen.


Love & Blessings,


PS - Would you like to work on your side of your marriage? I invite you to sign up for a free Clarity Call here at

PPS - How healthy is your marriage, really? Take the free Marital Health Assessment here!

Quote from a Masculinity Reclaimed Graduate: 

"I've learned so much, your course helped me figure out so many things I've been struggling with in my life and I've really been able to make sense of pain and emotions that I haven't figured out until now.  

There are many more great things that have come from doing your course!"

Jan 27, 2023

Is what you're doing in your marriage right now working for you? 


Do you feel hopeless?


Are you lonely in your marriage? 


If you believed that your actions alone could make a difference, if you knew the tools to use to make a difference in your marriage, would you be willing to use them?


Tom's story is inspiring and is not unique to graduates of Delight Your Marriage programs.


Praise God, the tools given to married individuals through our programs have moved so many marriages into places of hope, joy, and a much greater degree of the abundant life that God wants for us to live out as His people.


It is not easy. It requires us to have humility, faith in what God can do with a yielded obedient heart, perseverance, and a desire to please our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


If any of this resonates with you, we invite you to sign up for a free Clarity Call right here.


We hope that Tom's story gives you hope that marriage could be more and motivates you to a willingness to do the work of building a better marriage and much as it depends on you.


Love and prayers,

Darcy (on behalf of Belah)


Quote from a Graduate:

"The MR [Masculinity Reclaimed] program was the best thing I’ve ever done for my marriage, hands down! Wish I’d taken it years ago.

Just amazing to see the work God can do in a person’s heart, if that person is willing to do the work and make the changes needed.

I hope everyone who goes through the program tells their friends about it. I for one will be spreading the news about DYM [Delight Your Marriage]!!

Why wouldn’t I, when it changed my life??"


Jan 20, 2023

Is there dignity in humility? 

Is there dignity in humiliation? 

Initially, you might think not. 


But then we have to take a moment to consider the cross.

An excruciating death, reserved not for Roman citizens, but for rebels and slaves... 

because it was





And yet, the God of glory, the One who DESERVES all glory and honor... 


Himself not only to come as a baby,

giving up His power,

constraining Himself to human form,

and giving up His rights in an infinite number of ways...


to then suffer the humiliation, the pain... 

for the joy set before Him. 


Not because we deserved it,

...but because it is a testament to HIS surrender to the Father's will that He endured the cross. 


This is why you are humble and a servant to your spouse,

...because humility is the VERY dignity of Jesus. 


Humility is what Jesus Himself modeled. 


Why do you close your mouth when you want to criticize your spouse?

Why do you pause instead of, "let them have it," when they deserve to be dressed down for their bad behavior?

Why do you go out of your way to make them feel special, even though they haven't done it for you? 

Why do you forgive them for the pain they have caused you? 

Why are you joyful even though they don't add to it in the ways they know you'd love?


Because you are walking in the humility that Jesus Himself invites you to. 


Every single day, in your marriage, you are invited to walk in His humility. 


What does humility look like?


Was He a pushover? No.

Was He passive? No.

But was He an extravagant servant? Most definitely.


So, are there boundaries to humility? Yes. 


I invite you to have a curious heart if God has something for you here. 


I reference the book "Humility," by Andrew Murray, a lot in this episode. I also reference the Bible a lot. (I highly recommend it :)


Love & Blessings,



PS - Have you already downloaded our intimacy framework so that you can love your spouse the way they receive love? If not, go to


PPS - Are you ready to be the spouse God has called you to be, but need some guidance about what that looks like? To schedule a free Clarity Call, go to to see if our programs could be what you need.


A Graduate's Testimonial:

"I would recommend this program to a fellow Christian who is looking to make their marriage better in all aspects. The intimacy aspect is important but there were so many other ideas and realizations around other ways to better my marriage.

I appreciate so much Belah's enthusiasm and honesty. There is a lot of great info and expertise in here. She did an amazing job propping guys up and being positive which was infectious!"


Jan 13, 2023

"It's my spouse who needs to change."


If you've said this or thought are right. 


So now, no need to listen to anything because there's nothing for you to do but wait around in a grumpy mood 'til your spouse decides to do something. 




Maybe there's another opportunity here. 


Maybe we can be (as our team member Kyle says) "playfully curious" about this response. 


Why do we assume it's all on our spouse? 

What questions are we... 

a-refusing to ask

b-unaware that we need to be asking

c-too distracted to think about it :)

(Oh, was that your email/TikTok/IG/Facebook/text message notification that just went off? :P )


Today's episode is to help you honestly look at where your marriage is, and discern if and how your partner is the issue.


And, if and how, with playful curiosity, you might have an opportunity in your situation, as well!


Love & Blessings,



PS If you want to see if we can help you in your marriage and honestly evaluate where you can work in your marriage, we invite you to schedule a free Clarity Call by clicking here.


Quote from Masculinity Reclaimed Graduate:

“I have spent much more money trying to rekindle my marriage with no results. I have 2 failed “Romantic Vacations” and a bathroom remodel to prove it. I spent less on this and had fantastic results. This might possibly be the best investment of my life."

Jan 6, 2023

This episode was back from the very beginning of 2019. Wow! It's STILL relevant. And even when I re-listened, I was struck by a specific exercise that put life in great perspective. I encourage you to do the same -- for God's glory to ultimately be experienced in your marriage, family, and life!

In the long view of your 100 years on earth, what is going to matter in THIS season?

I had an abrupt and unsettling realization when I had a parent-teacher conference a few weeks ago. Though I believe I was discerning God’s will and way for my life, I don’t believe I was pursuing it in God’s timing.

And that is one of the central themes around today’s podcast. What is your season (mine is a quarter inch) in the grand scheme of life? And what matters most right now?

From there, what do you do with that understanding? How does it become practical and lived out?



PS If you’d like to see if we can help you in your marriage, we invite you to schedule a free Clarity Call here.

From a Masculinity Reclaimed graduate:

“My confidence with my wife is now enabling me to be her rock much more effectively.  (Before DYM [Delight Your Marriage] I would often blame myself and pull away when we had disagreements).  

Thank you and Belah and the whole Team for being there!!  God specifically used MR 1 [Masculinity Reclaimed] and 2 [MR Graduate group] to transform me into a much better man and husband in a way I did not think possible!”

Dec 22, 2022

This was meant to be a light & encouraging holiday podcast episode. 


Then, it turned into a heavy and warning-type episode. 


You'll be around souls this holiday. 


Souls, that maybe you don't feel fully at peace with.

Souls, that maybe you have been wronged by.

Souls, that maybe you still feel the sting of the pain they inflicted on you.


This is spoken for no specific person...except, definitely for me.

Also, maybe for all of those I work with.

And maybe every person who has ever told me about their marriage struggles.

And maybe everyone else I know, too.


So, yeah... take this one personally.


May God stir His truth in you.


This is the good news:

"For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you."


This is the terrifying truth...

"But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins." 

Jesus said this in the gospel of Matthew 6:15 (NIV).


Here's the deal...


I follow Jesus and need Him to save me. I NEED him to forgive me.

And according to that verse, if I don't forgive others... I have no hope of eternal salvation. 

May that sober us up this holiday to forgive every person, every single one.


So, I needed to hear this.


And, I NEED to live this in EVERY single relationship. 


It's a command. I needed to be reminded of it. I hope you did, too.


Love you with great love -- in courage and integrity,



PS -- If you'd like to see what more God wants to do in your marriage, sign up for a free Clarity Call

Dec 16, 2022

This was originally published a while back--but we highly recommend you listen again as you're praying through and discerning what God has for you in the new season of 2023.

I love New Years because everything feels fresh and energized. Even though, practically speaking, it's the same as every other day, you just have to start training yourself to use a new number at the end of your dates.

But I am all about using whatever energy there is to increase my chances of growth and change--in God's will. 

So, that's what today's podcast is about--becoming stronger in your vision. It's about realizing that you're going to stand before Jesus and He'll be curious what you did with your days…which lead to weeks…which lead to years, and then decades.

We must be cautious about how we spend our time and spend it in priority to God's will. 

I will show you the specific document I have used since 2013 and review at least quarterly to align my life with how I perceive God wants me to live. 

I will also discuss the process I use to discern God's will for my life every quarter. I think we need to be considering God's will consistently in our lives and move toward it more and more everyday. 

I think you'll love the conversation and I look forward to hearing from you!



PS If you'd like the free resource I mentioned to help you understand how to love your spouse the way they are craving, go to

PPS If you’d like help in your marriage, you are invited to schedule a free Clarity Call here. This call is invaluable in helping you to examine and evaluate where you currently are in your marriage and whether or not our courses could be helpful to you.

From a Clarity Call participant who decided not to take the course(s)::

“Thank you and thanks for your guys' help. I honestly couldn't have done it without the help of the podcast and just our talk opens my eyes up to what God wants for me and what direction and guidance he is showing me so thank you so so much!”

Dec 9, 2022

This is the next part of Communication Secrets and I think it's an important addendum. 


We talk about what to do when you're disappointed with your spouse. 

When you want them to change. 

When you feel they were irresponsible.


I have two examples for you: 

1 - When a friend was irresponsible and God brought conviction even when He kept me from saying anything.

2 - When I was irresponsible (I know---unbelievable!) and God brought conviction even when my husband didn't say anything.


I hope this brings you encouragement, direction, and skills as you attempt to live God's way in your marriage.





PS - If you’d like to see if our programs would be a good fit for you in helping you grow in your marriage, we invite you to schedule a free Clarity Call.


From a Masculinity Reclaimed graduate: 

“For the first time EVER we had whole-hearted sexual intimacy, 2 or 3 times total. This was something that I had no idea even existed and it was barely believable. It was so amazing. 

We haven't argued in months. Based on a DYM [Delight Your Marriage] podcast that I listened to before starting MR [Masculinity Reclaimed], I began the process of responding in ways that fully prevented arguments, so it's been more than 12 weeks without an argument. That was a massive game-changer for me and our relationship. 

God has called me to a far deeper level with His word than ever before. The Holy Spirit has downloaded significant insight regarding how to love. This was done as a combination of scripture, DYM [Delight Your Marriage], and clarity provided during prayer.” 

Dec 2, 2022

So much stress revolves around communication.

I've been there!

My husband and I have miscommunications everyday.

Today, for example, I was telling him about a sore in my mouth and he was sure I was talking about Europe. 

That is silly and allowed for laughter.

But what about when someone is lost and just hoping for the other to quickly look up directions.

Or, when you're in a stressful situation, and one of you is incomprehensible (to you). 

Well, I want to invite you to reframe what good communication is. 

I want to invite you to consider what really matters in communication with your spouse. 

I try to debunk some unhelpful cliches:

"Your spouse should be your best friend," or

"You have to be compatible with someone to be happy," or

"If you don't connect on common interests, you'll die a miserable, lonely, painful death.”

Alright, that last one isn't a cliche I've heard! (but maybe have felt?)

Let's get some fun back in our lives and let miscommunication be the fodder!




PS If you need immediate help in your marriage and you've seen some changes from podcasts so far, now is the time to let that inertia grow into long term transformation with training and tailored support.

So if that's what you need, get on the phone with a Clarity Advisor and they'll see if we are the right fit for your situation:

Quote from a Masculinity Reclaimed graduate:

"I just wanted to thank you again for your help in building the intimacy [my wife] and I have discovered.

Last night [my wife] wore lingerie, was passionate, and we had amazing sex.    

You played a huge part in helping us get there.  

In a thankless world, I want to give you a big high five and thank you for all of your insight."

Nov 23, 2022

Since Thanksgiving is coming up and we’re around people we love, but sometimes have strained relationships. We wanted to repost this episode so you can apply it to your family relationships and your spouse. 

We love you and wish you a peaceful and grateful-filled Thanksgiving!!

Sometimes we look at our blowups and wonder -- how did we even get here? 

How did a wrong turn, an unpaid bill, an unwashed dish, or a burnt potholder... turn into World War III?

What happened here?

And why is this kind of nonsense tearing our family apart at its foundations?

It's because you're not really fighting about a potholder. 

You're fighting about all the unmet expectations from the years and years of pain you've experienced. And so is your spouse. 

How do you get out of this cycle? 

And more important: what does Jesus require of you in this cycle? 

What does it matter in eternity whether or not you succumb to these kinds of blow ups?

Well, my goal is to give you a bit of fear of the Lord to decide you are going to be a real follower of Jesus and the blow ups aren't gonna fly. 

 I hope you'll listen in with an open heart and a desire to grow and be edified. And ultimately a desire to grow closer to God's will for you.



PS - Two things: 

1 - If you haven't yet checked, there are a ton of helpful free resources here:

2 - If you need immediate help, go to to get a free Clarity Call where someone from my team will speak to you deeply about your specific situation and see if we can help. 


If it can happen for others, it could happen for you, too! From a MR graduate:

“We have prayed, we have read books, we have listened to podcast, and we have sought counseling, both individually and as a couple. They sometimes produce a little hope but we repeatedly fall back into old habit cycles.

I needed to try something different. This program provides a different approach through a team coaching framework. I wanted different strategies and individually focused feedback.

I have become a better person. Period. I am more patient, kind, loving, gentle. I am actively seeking the Fruits of the Spirit in practical behaviors. I am more forgiving and less apt to be offended. My wife SMILES AT ME OFTEN WHEN I WALK IN THE ROOM. We have more laughter and playfulness in our home. She holds my hand and cuddles with me. She tells me with her words and shows me with her behaviors that she enjoys making love to me.”

Nov 18, 2022

Often preparing for Thanksgiving is the real STRESS.

So -- guess what!? Make love now, so you have a connected, peaceful, and truly enjoyable Thanksgiving next week.


Duty sex…this is such a huge challenge for SO many couples - on both sides of the aisle!


Husbands and wives, how does our personal approach to sexual intimacy affect our spouse? 


Does sexual intimacy within our marriage lead us toward one another or away from one another?


And if it often or sometimes leads us away from each other, is that our Creator’s intention? How do we fix this? Can it be fixed?


The fact of the matter is, the answers to these questions can be hard to come by! There just isn’t a lot of guidance out there for couples who want a God-honoring sexual relationship in their marriage! 


If sexual intimacy is a gift from our Creator - and we know that ALL of His gifts are good - then why is this area of our lives so often filled with hurt and pain?


Does it really matter whose fault it is? Playing the blame game doesn’t fix the problem, does it. Can one spouse change the dynamics in our marriages? YES - a thousand times, YES!! We’ve seen it! We’ve experienced it!


Here at Delight Your Marriage, God has blessed Belah with a lot of really good advice and encouragement for couples in this specific arena. Yes! There are principles that we can learn and apply to help us grow in our relationships - not just in the area of sexual intimacy, but in the overall connection within our marriage. This is what Delight Your Marriage is all about!


Okay, now this is THE bonus piece of information here that we hope you don’t miss because it can be cliche or common to our ears: THE key of loving others well is to be filled up with Jesus’ love and to lean into loving Him well! He IS love! As we grow in His love, the fruit of the Spirit becomes more abundant in OUR lives! I Cor. 14:1 “Pursue love…”


Would you pause right there and snatch that and think on it for a bit? I’m dead serious! 


You know, we’re similar to a tree. Have you seen a branch on a tree that is partly broken off? What does the branch generally look like? A lot of times the leaves are shriveling up, right? The health of the branch is directly correlated to how well the branch is connected to the trunk of the tree. 


Are we feeling shriveled up? Are we feeling unfruitful? Are we struggling to experience the abundant life that Jesus has offered to us? …That's a good gauge that we need to check our attachment to The Vine. 


Do you need some guidance, accountability, and encouragement to grow in these areas? We want to help you! 


We are not currently offering a free men's course, as this is a repost of this episode, but we do invite you to schedule a free Clarity Call with our course advisor. This is an opportunity for you to be share your story, to evaluate where you are in your marriage and life journey, and whether or not our courses may be the right fit for you or not.

We love you and wish you a peaceful and grateful-filled Thanksgiving!!


On behalf of Belah and the rest of our team,


Office Manager


PS From a Masculinity Reclaimed graduate:

"Today my wife and I celebrate our … Anniversary, and thanks be to God our marriage is better than it has ever been.  As I sat this morning writing my daily gratitude's and LTP's (going strong), I am overcome with gratitude for how helpful your ministry has been. 

Going through the program last fall was truly one of the most transformational hinge times in my life - first drawing myself closer to the Lord, and only from that coming first did we experience some unbelievable changes in our marriage.   

By Gods grace, we've always had a "good" marriage - free from major issues or troubles, but since have learned how wonderful God really intends for this union to be.   Ups and downs persist, they always will, but DYM has helped show me the tools & knowledge to navigate them and have a thriving and God honoring marriage. 

I am forever thankful for DYM.  Thank you for following your calling and your dedication.   Have a wonderful weekend and God bless!!!"


We share these testimonies because God is SO good and He wants good in your marriage, too! We want to inspire hope and faith in you! Nothing is too difficult for Him!

Nov 11, 2022

(Alliteration is such a... joy--isn't it? :) Hoping that gave you a needed chuckle...


But seriously...

Mick's story is GREAT!

He is a dynamic, charismatic, and tell-it-straight kinda guy. When his marriage was shallow in terms of connection, emotionally and intimately, he jumped at an opportunity that seemed on target. 

Well, the MAIN change was his heart. He shares some particulars on why that was so vital in the outward changes of his marriage.

But, he began to realize who God actually is calling him to be as a husband.

So... with lots of smiling he shared that they enjoyed (like never before...ever) "full-blown, wholehearted sexual intimacy...truly unbelievable."

Mick's transformation is truly awesome. But he really took responsibility. He wasn't interested in waiting to see what happens in his marriage.

He was ready to do the work and take 100% responsibility AND accountability for himself. His heart…his change…his commitment to Christ, and then…living it out in his marriage.


Is there hope for you? 


We serve "the God of hope." (Rom 15:13)

In fact, He wants you to "overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." (Same verse ^)


I encourage you to listen to Mick's story and witness God's transformation in him. Maybe you need this. Maybe a friend does…and you get to be the one to share it with them (like a friend shared it with his wife, and thus God did THIS in his marriage AND HIS KIDS!!!!)


Love & Blessings,



PS -- We'd love to see if we can serve you in a Clarity Call where you dig into your specific journey and we help you clarify the challenges, where you're going, and WHY.

And if we genuinely feel you'd be the right fit, we might invite you in (our Clarity Advisor is reimbursed regardless of the end result -- because this is truly our gift to you.) Go to

Quote from a graduate: So... with lots of smiling he shared that they enjoyed (like never before...ever)... "full-blown, wholehearted sexual intimacy...truly unbelievable."


Nov 4, 2022

If you've ever seen a headline (one of mine or someone else's), "They did [this] and got [this]" you may have experienced a "transactional trigger". 

My motivation is to attract people who need transformation in their marriages. 

What I call "missional marketing", some may call "bait and switch", which is kind of true, too.

You may be someone who came for a certain outcome, but you listened and found out that to get that [thing], you have to change who you are - including your motivations.

For many, it works (by God's grace). 

But, initially, it may have triggered transactional thinking for you. 

This can lead you to believe that you’re guaranteed a certain result if you do [X] for your spouse. 


Here's what I hope for you. 

I hope that you'll start your journey with an expectation of an incredible marriage and sex life and end your journey with a completely different set of motivations: to love your spouse the way Jesus loves them. Unconditionally. 

Whether they do X or not, you get to love them the way Jesus does. 


The cool thing is...

Humans are designed to respond very differently to unconditional love. 

Humans heal. 

Humans let down their guard. 

Humans start to act differently when they know the rug won't be pulled out from under them at any moment. 

The desperation ends. 

Peace and freedom begin. 

And marriage can become pretty amazing. 

BUT your motivation should be to love your spouse unconditionally and enjoy--every moment--every smile--every laugh--every miscommunication--every peculiar habit--enjoy life alongside this wonderful God-designed being you get to love.





PS If you would like help in your marriage, we invite you to schedule a free Clarity Call with our course advisor.

We truly care about you and your marriage and this call will help us and you evaluate if we can help you in your marriage. Schedule a free Clarity Call here. For the free resources, click here.


PPS From a graduate:

"It has transformed my relationship with my wife and with my coworkers and those I supervise. It has given me tools to listen and pray better and got me into the habit of daily gratitude. Every married man, regardless of how healthy or unhealthy your marriage, will benefit from the MR [Masculinity Reclaimed] program."

Oct 28, 2022

I used to think I only respected someone if they deserved it.

Whether that was my husband or the young adults I worked with. Which meant I didn't treat them with respect. Maybe not blatant disrespect as I saw it. But more neutral.

Though I have come to find out "neutral" is generally not good.

My natural tendency if I don't have the correct heart (that God created everyone and they should be treated with respect) is being mean.

Maybe it's our human nature?

Anyway, what I discovered is if I'm trying to tell my husband what's best for him, how he should improve, or what to do...

He's busy being mad at me rather than listening to the Holy Spirit and discovering his own journey to growth. 


(We want our husbands to be the spiritual leaders right? Then we've gotta stop being their spiritual leader.


​​And give them the space and support and encouragement to do it for themselves.)


But he was so untrustworthy. Inconsistent. Unhelpful. Unreliable. Irresponsible. And worse...


I was doing everything and unless I would nag, push, correct, complain, teach, criticize... it wouldn't get done.


I was so exhausted.


It wasn't until I decided to



​and no longer hold his past over his head---let him be a new man in my eyes,

2-​let God change my heart according to His will,

3-​change my words, and

4-​behave respectfully...


Did I witness my husband transform.

And He changed without my "brilliantly helpful" input.

I also speak to women who have experienced betrayal in the form of pornography, an affair or something else.

My heart breaks for you. I would love to hold you in your legitimate anger and pain.

And I want to give some guidance on what I think is helpful next steps.

I encourage you to listen with an open heart and see if God has a nugget of wisdom that you need in your life. 



PS If you need immediate help, please schedule a Clarity Call ($300 value) for free at

A Clarity Advisor will walk through your specific situation with you and help discern if this is the right fit for you to witness God's transformation of your marriage.

PPS From a Delight Your Marriage wife: 

“It's been so amazing!  I still call it a rollercoaster, because there are ups and downs, but the ups are way more than the downs now and that's a huge win!  I honestly was at a place where I didn't like my husband a lot of the times...  

I now WANT to spend time with him, miss him when we're apart, initiate intimacy, and enjoy intimacy!”

Oct 21, 2022

When I look back on my life — when I see what is currently unseen — when I see Jesus face to face — when all has been revealed…

I am convinced I will be BLOWN AWAY by the love I never realized He truly had for me. 

In the Bible, it says that God feeds the birds. (Mt 6:26)

He FEEDS the birds. 


I was observing birds yesterday in the park. 

There are tons of them, flitting around, this way and that. 

And yet the God of the universe cares about His creation, so much so, that He Himself feeds the birds! 


He is intimately aware of your life and what you’re going through. 

And He is feeding you. He is clothing you. He is giving you far more than just that.

He wants you to realize that in every good AND in every suffering, He remains good. 

There is SO much you (and I) cannot see. 

He allows suffering for His reasons only He can see.

But when you trust this truth that He is the one that gives everything that is right in your life — it allows you to see the suffering better.

You can endure the suffering with a peace, a joy, and a contentment that is important.

In fact, when you have that peace/joy/contentment during the suffering, you will accomplish at least some of the important purposes He has for that suffering. 


Make no mistake, God cares about your suffering.

God cares about the rejection you feel from your spouse. 

He cares about your loneliness in the one supposedly “safe relationship” – your marriage.

He cares about the lack of intimacy. 

He cares about the lack of warmth. 

He cares when your spouse ignores the cravings of your soul that you were designed to have. 

He cares. 


And IN THIS He is good.


If we only knew how much He truly loved you… 

He would risk you possibly turning away from him due to that suffering because He has bigger purposes. 


Higher than the heavens are above the earth are His ways higher than our ways, are His thoughts higher than our thoughts. 

We do NOT have to understand.

We DO have to trust His goodness. 

That starts with realizing, if the God of the Universe feeds each of these birds, that means he makes each of my breaths happen, each of my blood vessels moves when they are meant to. 

It means He causes my son to smile at me. 

It means He causes my eyes to even see the sunset. 

It means that He not only knit me together in my mother’s womb for 9 to 10 months…

But He didn’t stop.

He is still in me.

He is still designing, directing, causing all these things to go well in me. 


EVERY good gift is from Him.

Even the ones I don’t take time to notice. 


When my arm breaks it should remind me that He was the one that caused it to thrive every other day. 

If we only soaked in the truth of His love, we could more easily trust it during the suffering… He is still good. 

If we only knew His love. 


If we only knew His love. 


If we only knew His love. 


May you know the love of Christ. 

May I know it, too.


Love & Blessings,



PS If you would like help with your marriage, we invite you to schedule a free Clarity Call with our advisor. This call allows us to help you evaluate where you are in your marriage, and whether or not we are a good fit for you. Click here to schedule a free call.

PPS When a graduate of Masculinity Reclaimed (MR) was asked:

Do you recommend MR? 

"I do far more than recommend it, I advocate for it and fortunately one couple has joined both MR [Masculinity Reclaimed] and DW [Delighted Wife] as a result. Why - because MR is filled with lots of explanations of what and why things need to occur, but it's also very heavy on HOW to do things, which is missing from all other marriage content out there. Plus, Belah's insight is extraordinary. When she was describing in podcasts about why men enjoy oral sex I stopped and remarked to myself, that's 1000% correct. I never thought about it, but she's 1000% correct. So the degree to which Belah has insight and understanding into the male and female psyches is extraordinary. 

Massively improved our marriage. Brought me closer to God. Helped me see my wife in an entirely different way. Set us on a path to healing. Facilitate mind-blowing, real-deal sexual intimacy (aka wholehearted sexual intimacy) and helped me get better at being vulnerable, sharing my vulnerability, and be more sensitized to when my wife is being vulnerable. With more time I can easily think of more things.

I never once questioned if what I spent on MR was worth it, because without question it was."

Oct 14, 2022

Do you feel broken? Dirty? Ashamed?

These are all normal feelings for a victim of sexual trauma. 


Do you know what feelings Lisa now has?

Freedom. Confidence. Trust.

One in four, or even one in three women, have been victims of sexual abuse. 

One in six men have been. 


So, many of us need the HOPE for healing Lisa gives us. 

Was it instant?

Was it easy to confront?

Was it comfortable to start this process?



She had to have courage to get out and join a healing process to get to the other side where God ultimately wanted her to be. 


You will love her story and the encouragements she gives. 

Especially the one and most important thing that she wants you to know, if you've been abused. 


Love & Blessings,



PS - If you'd like to get "vision", the opportunity for "intention" and the "means" to transformation (as Dallas Willard says)...

I invite you to sign up for a Clarity Call. You'll work with a Clarity Advisor to discern that vision.

Looking forward to seeing how God heals you!

Oct 7, 2022

"Betrayal to a marriage is what dynamite is to a door" says Gary Thomas.

Obliterating all trust, safety, dreams...

Could there be hope?

Could there be restoration?


How could this have been prevented? 


This is what we discuss on today's episode. 


If these are your questions, Gary gives a lot of insight I think you'll want to listen in to.

What can you do as a couple to right the ship?

What can you as a couple do to come together and see how to build your marriage with strength and solidness -- keeping any explosives far, far away. 

Check out Gary's work and his new book at -- (also he has many other books that you'll want to check out!)

Love & Blessings,



PS -- We'd love to help you heal your marriage no matter what the issue is, and if you're looking for a program to come alongside other men and/or women, I invite you to go to to speak to a Clarity Advisor to see how we can support you. 


PPS -- A recent grad wrote:

"Massively improved our marriage.

Brought me closer to God. Helped me see my wife in an entirely different way. Set us on a path to healing.

Facilitate mind-blowing, real-deal sexual intimacy...

...filled with lots of explanations of what and why things need to occur, but it's also very heavy on HOW to do things, which is missing from all other marriage content out there. Plus, Belah's insight is extraordinary.

I never once questioned if what I spent on MR was worth it, because without question it was."

Husband or wife, sign up for a Clarity Call now:
Sep 30, 2022

Are you getting close to marriage and the looming thought of a healthy sex life gives anxiety?

I invite you to listen in to these two women who were virgins when they got engaged (one is now married) and hear how they processed through the anxiety. 

And now on the other side of the program, they have a confidence and a relaxed sense around something that used to be very difficult to even think about. 


Maybe you or someone you know needs insights around marriage and intimacy before they start this journey. 


I hope this conversation blesses and encourages you!



PS -- If you want to see how we can serve you in your particular situation, sign up for a Clarity Call at



PPS - A woman in the Delighted Wife program shared this recently: 

This programme is Christ-centred, led by an amazing loving, wise, compassionate, trustworthy team.

They have all 'been there' in marriage challenges themselves so speak with humility and empathy. There's lots of laughter too which is so good.

This programme is about sex but so much more. If a person engages and does the work it will be deeply transformational. This may not be in the way they expect...

I wish I had this programme just before and in the early years of our marriage.

Sep 23, 2022

Enrollment for the program closes tonight, Masculinity Reclaimed


Today's podcast episode...

If perverted masculinity is overly aggressive or on the other side, overly passive... what is it actually SUPPOSED to look like? 

What is a strong man? 

What is a true man of God?

What is the masculinity God desires of you?


That's the topic Kyle and I discuss today.

Lots of really fresh ideas, insights, frameworks, and also very, very old ways of viewing the nature of how God designed men. 

Kyle is super -- you're going to love his insights and heart after the Lord. 

Gosh, I'm excited for you to hear what it's all about!


If you've been praying about our 3-month program, Masculinity Reclaimed...

the program CLOSES TONIGHT, if you'd like to join, now is your time...

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